What is Tulip?

When you plant tulips, they bloom when you want them to. You can also pull them up at any time and replant. We think that’s how email signups should be. Timely, relevant, and at your discretion.

What does Tulip do?

We have scoured the web and rated millions of sites on their email marketing practices, privacy policies and recurrence of email blasts. We then inform you of these habits so you can make an educated choice when signing up for things like newsletters, credit card offers, loan applications, etc.

How do I get Tulip?

It’s simple. Download the plugin extension here and Tulip runs in the background of your web browser.

Is Tulip a popup that prevents me from visiting sites?


Why do you hate bamboo?

We don’t. Bamboo is lovely. Eco friendly, serene, and gorgeous when planted correctly. But if you plant it randomly in your backyard, it is uncontrollable and spreads like wildfire. You cannot stop it. The same is true for signing up for things online. You need to be more careful and Tulip helps you do that.