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We have scoured the web and rated millions of sites on their email marketing practices, privacy policies and recurrence of email blasts. We then inform you of these habits so you can make an educated choice when signing up for things like newsletters, credit card offers, loan applications, etc.

Check out the video below to see Tulip in action. 





A full score is complete website has been evaluated by Tulip. This means we have calculated a websites sign-up strategy to determine how many messages (e-mails) you "could" receive per month and per day. Each of the scoring parameters volume, senders, security, and quality are combined then divided evenly to get a complete overall score.

Tulip continues to reevaluate sites to ensure that they continue to maintain good web practices. Site scores can fluctuate at any given time.



When a site is visited for the first time, Tulip will give that site a a partial score until it has calculated a websites sign-up strategy, which returns a complete score, as shown above. Until this is complete, messages received will not displayed.

Certain websites may not have a sign-up or registration option for users. Therefore, the site will only display a partial score for the time being.

Tulip will continue to reevaluate a site with a partial score in case the sites adds a signup form in the future.




Volume considers various measures related to how many marketing messages you can expect to receive and for how long you can expect to receive them. This can include the number of messages per day, week, or month, the amount of content included in a single message, as well as the length of time marketing messages continue to be sent after signing up.



Security is a measure of a sites age, visibility, and practices. It considers, in part, how old the site is, if the sites contact information is publicly available and valid, if the site includes a clear privacy policy, if the site is associated with a registered business, and various observations about any third parties the site uses to deliver marketing messages.



The Trust grade represents the age of the site and how easy it is to contact the sites owners.



Quality considers various aspects of the messages you can expect to receive. This includes the ability to unsubscribe, a relevant subject line, clear and conspicuous contact information, the presence of accessibility features, sender IP and domain reputations, and the number of third parties the site uses to send marketing messages.



Senders considers both the number of unique senders and the content of messages received versus the content of the sign-up location. This can include the content of the original sign-up location, the content of marketing messages received, and the content of any site the marketing message links to. As time passes, and for certain topics, what we consider relevant may change.



The Privacy grade considers the sites technical privacy practices, privacy policy, and terms of service.

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